Yeovil_Hospital_Logo 'Y'onlyYeovil Hospital, one of the UKs leading Vanguard sites for new care models, is driving ahead with multiple commercial partnerships as it transforms its health economy into a more consumer led, sustainable world. The Yeovil Executive team intentionally consisting of a wealth of commercial experience from outside the health sector, has partnerships at its core, and have been adding key partners across medical and non-medical areas of its business, non more so than driving the move to digital engagement. 

Simon Lilley Yeovil’s Commercial Director explains “We must remove the blinkers and seek support from best practice partners globally who still see the NHS as a major prize. We cannot bring about the size of change from NHS resources alone.”

One of its first digital partnerships was with UMotif, that initially has seen use of the self management App by patients across a number of specialities, which now has the potential to be expanded into the IACO that is being formed in Somerset between Yeovil and Primary Care partners. 

This has been followed more recently been followed by a transformational agreement with DoctorDr who have already launched a text based service for the Trust that has dramatically reduced DNA rates by 20%, to a position now well below UK averages, and in spring will launch an Online booking platform for its outpatient service. The service will also maximise capacity utilisation by offering up to customers cancelled appointments that become available. The goal is in the medium to develop this platform across primary care partners as well, creating a single portal for all healthcare needs and health self management. 

“The move to online booking needs to be recognised as simply a move that other consumer led sectors made decades ago, the NHS are playing catch up so moving to engagement through such channels should not be feared, but a change that aligns with consumer behaviour. We need to drive this change – unfortunately NHS patients have got used to legacy engagement because of no alternatives, a firm nudge towards digital engagement we are confident will see very positive adoption – and in our view will rapidly be positioned as the default channel” says Lilley.

It is also believed Yeovil is close to agreeing a deal with Babylon the GP online service, that could see its use amongst the hospital 2500 staff to reduce absence, along with some exciting wider cooperation across consumer focused redesign. 

Yeovil are now attracting attention from further afield with discussions well underway with a number of US digital based healthcare organisations who are seeking to support Yeovil on its health economy transformation over the coming years.

Lilley goes on to explain “Partnerships are a major enabler to our strategy, and there are most definitely deals to be struck with SME’s and larger healthcare corporates that will propel the NHS forward at the rapid rate it needs, yet critically structured in a way that remunerates partners on delivery and gain share, not up front heavy costs”.

In addition to the digital world Yeovil has also developed successful ground breaking partnerships with Interserve Prime its Strategic Estates Partner and IPP its pathology partner, and is currently running a selection process for a high street Retail Healthcare partner, and an Elective Care partner. Having worked extensively with Oliver Wyman to develop its long term transformation plan, Yeovil recently also added Optum to its partner family to work on ACO development and the move to OBC commissioning which in Somerset stars in 2017.


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