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NHS organisation: East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust (EKHUFT) Renal Unit

SME: uMotif

A key concept in the NHS and healthcare delivery is patient centred care – the involvement of the patient in every step of the decision making process of their management.

– Professor Chris Farmer, East Kent Hospital

This was the message from Professor Chris Farmer at the Health 2.0 conference in the autumn of 2013 in London. Farmer, a renal specialist from East Kent Hospital, was one of the few clinicians presenting at the event.

Bruce Hellman (CEO) and Dr Rashmi Narayana (Clinical Director) from uMotif sought out Professor Farmer during a lunch break to discuss this inevitable shift in healthcare, and how uMotif’s platform makes an impact.

Following a first meeting, plans quickly took shape in early 2014.

uMotif’s simple, beautiful and clinically-robust platform helps patients to track their symptoms, medications and other health data. By doing so, patients feel more in control and able to self-manage.

The symptoms and other data captured are used by clinicians in follow-up appointments, to turbo-charge the process of shared decision making.

Patients are increasingly taking active roles in decisions about major medical interventions. The logical extension to this concept is that of self-care in which the patient is supported in providing care for themselves.

– Professor Chris Farmer

The uMotif app was deployed to two patient groups – people with hypertension and a second group managing kidney dialysis.  The platform was tailored to the distinct needs of each patient group – with specific symptom tracking to capture the required data.

Results from the initial phase were positive, with some patients using the app well beyond the expected use period – up to 156 days, with an average usage of almost 100 days in the hypertension group.

Based on this initial deployment, uMotif are working with East Kent on further deployments and research projects; and East Kent’s new spin-out ‘Beautiful Information’ is also a supporter of uMotif’s public-facing ‘100 for Parkinson’s’ trial.

The process of working together collaboratively demonstrates the huge potential for SMEs and NHS clinicians to build strong and impactful relationships.




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