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VitalPAC has been the right system for us. It’s been extremely useful. It’s made a big change at ward level, on how we look after patients and it certainly increased patient safety.
– Lisa Brinkmann, IT Specialist Nurse, The Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals NHS FT.

The Learning Clinic brings together clinical knowledge and technological innovation to improve healthcare outcomes. Our systems put real-time information in the hands of doctors, nurses and senior managers to enable them to take better, more informed decisions.

Our VitalPAC system acts as an electronic personal assistant for clinicians and other staff, making information instantly available at bed, ward and whole hospital level. VitalFLO, our bed and capacity management tool, gives operations teams real time visibility across the hospital, of patient location, clinical status and progress towards discharge.

VitalPAC was originally created to identify and manage deteriorating patients more effectively. Over the years the system has expanded massively, allowing most routine clinical work to be recorded on handhelds at the bedside. It is now the UK’s market-leading “point of care” system, used on over 15,000 beds on 600 wards at 51 hospitals. Over five million observation sets are taken every month by over 30,000 clinicians, delivering huge benefits for patients:

  • 42 per cent more observations taken on time
  • 70 per cent fewer cardiac arrests
  • 50 per cent fewer intensive care admissions
  • 90 per cent fewer norovirus outbreaks
  • 19 per cent shorter lengths of stay
  • 18 per cent fewer deaths

Two large hospitals reduced death rates in multiple specialties, equivalent to 370 fewer deaths at each site every year after VitalPAC was deployed (Schmidt et al, BMJ Q&S 2014). The reductions in norovirus outbreaks at Portsmouth, eliminating huge amounts of wasted bed days and disruption, occurred despite ongoing high levels of norovirus regionally and nationally (Mitchell et al, BMJ Q&S 2015).

VitalPAC works, and is favoured across the NHS, because it is designed for clinicians, by clinicians. It is easy and intuitive to use, reliable and fast to deploy and solves problems that matter. Delivering and publishing these improvements in peer-reviewed journals has been a key factor in VitalPAC’s success.

Typical user testimonials include:

VitalPAC is an integral part of the hospital and it’s very much the backbone of the way in which we design and administer care.
– Dr Caroline Mitchell, Assistant Medical Director, Infection and Patient Safety, Portsmouth Hospital NHS Trust
Over three and half months, we rolled out 42 wards and were paper free in terms of recording standard observations. The training was done at ward level and even staff who were initially against the use of the application adopted it, embraced it and have used it ever since.
– Allyson Wren, Clinical and Application Lead, East Kent Hospitals University NHS FT.

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