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Creating a paperless NHS

PatientSource – an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) designed and used by clinicians

PatientSource solves two key problems for hospitals:

  1. One in ten patients come to harm in hospitals due to missing information, lost paper notes and medication prescription errors
  2. Doctors, nurses and other frontline staff waste 15 per cent of their time in duplicating information, finding paper notes, deciphering handwriting, and amending errors due to missing information

PatientSource is a highly-secure cloud-based electronic medical records system for hospitals, designed and developed by clinicians so that it is highly intuitive and easy to use.

This is the best EPR I’ve seen in ten years.

– Jeremy Cummin, Health IT expert

PatientSource allows doctors and nurses to read and enter contemporaneous clinical notes electronically with the ability to sketch medical diagrams. It allows tracking of patient vitals with alerts for abnormal values. Doctors can prescribe electronically with every prescription automatically checked for appropriate doses / interactions / allergies. Blood and radiology tests can be ordered directly electronically, and results reviewed the second they are issued. PatientSource provides electronic discharge letters with automatic coding and importing of test results. It provides dynamic reporting dashboards.

PatientSource runs via the web browser so works on all existing hospital computers. It is tablet-friendly so can be taken right up to the patient’s bedside.

PatientSource is the electronic medical platform driving the Ambulatory Care Unit at James Paget University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, ensuring that patient records are always available despite high patient turnover, and that physicians get the blood results the second they are ready.

It will solve so many problems… I think it will really cut down on drug errors.

– Staff Nurse

This is a much more user-friendly equivalent to Epic.

– Consultant Respiratory Physician

This is perfect. Our consultants are going to love it!

– Acute Services Manager, NHS

Why isn’t this in every trust across the country?

– Acute Medicine Specialty Registrar doctor


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