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Ieso Digital Health and West Kent Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG): speeding up access

With the NHS tasked with achieving ‘parity of esteem’ between mental and physical health, widening access to effective and evidence based mental health treatment has become pertinent for NHS CCGs and trusts.

The stigma associated with seeking help for mental health issues and long waiting times for therapy, have been among the biggest barriers to patients accessing treatment. To overcome this, providing effective treatments that can improve patient choice and accessibility, offer self-referral and increase cost savings, has become a priority for the NHS.

Working with Ieso has not only enabled us to achieve our immediate performance outcomes by offering increased access to quality mental health treatment, but it also offers us an innovative and cost effective solution to meets our longer term strategic goals.

– West Kent CCG

Ieso Digital Health offers live, online one-to-one cognitive behavioural therapy using written (typed) conversation with fully qualified and accredited therapists. The service allows patients to self-refer and access therapy at a time and place to suit them. Access to therapy can be within days; there is no waiting list. Ieso’s service is not only aligned with health system policy, but there is clear evidence of clinical benefit to patients and cost savings to the NHS. The service is currently commissioned by 25 NHS CCGs across the UK.

Ieso partnered with West Kent CCG in 2014 and has treated 1,164 of its patients to date. Ieso’s overall recovery rate in West Kent is 53 per cent, compared with the national average of 46 per cent. By the end of 2014, the number of patients waiting over 90 days for therapy was reduced by 89 per cent, with 96 per cent of patients starting their first treatment within six weeks. The CCG reported that many of the patients that used the service said that they would not have otherwise accessed therapy.



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