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Accelerating digital transformation in London

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By Tara Donnelly, chief executive, Health Innovation Network   Earlier this year, 150 leaders from across health and social care, research, government and industry came together to launch DigitalHealth.London; a virtual institute that builds on London’s world-class expertise in digital … Read More

The tortoise and the hare

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By Lloyd Price, chief operating officer, Zesty   SMEs selling into the NHS, a tale of David and Goliath? Or the Tortoise and the Hare? I would say the latter. Aesop’s famous fable of how slow and steady won the race … Read More

Why we have launched Further Faster

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By Alex Kafetz, chief operating officer, ZPB   ZPB are delighted to have launched Further, Faster – the first part of The idea for this piece of work originated about nine months ago when I attended a run-of-the-mill health … Read More