Further, faster: taking the brakes off digitising the NHS

Technology can help patients and their families get the most out of the NHS.

Digital innovation will empower them to engage with services efficiently, manage their records and their care and assist heath professionals to share their information with key health and social care professionals in a secure and confidential manner.

Just as innovators have driven improvements in life-saving technologies, such as scans and new drugs, the digitisation of the health service will drive better outcomes for better informed patients.

But we need to move faster… The digitising of the NHS is happening, slowly, across England. However, health tech entrepreneurs report finding it difficult to get their solutions into the NHS, so much so that we risk losing the brightest and best companies to the US, where they are finding they can do business.

There is no shortage of interesting and potentially game-changing innovations worth exploring, particularly from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), both home-grown and from elsewhere. There are good intentions on both sides, yet SMEs and the NHS find it challenging to work together in productive and sustainable ways.

The expert panel

Which is why ZPB Associates convened an expert panel that explored the issues from all perspectives over a series of meetings. The result is this website – Further, Faster – which offers practical insights and recommendations on taking the brakes off digitising the NHS. It shares:

This site is a continually evolving resource for people wanting to scale the use of technology in the NHS. This could be a hospital CEO, an A&E consultant, a general manager, a commissioner, or a business with a game-changing product.

This is not a one-off. Our expert group will continue to meet and offer a route for sharing challenges and successes.


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